One | Two Express
Branding, Video, Editorial

Brand and Marketing Campaign for two iconic art deco buildings in the heart of Ancoats, Manchester.

First built as offices and printer for The Daily Express, One and Two Express have been updated and transformed into a modern, stylish office and co-working space.

We were asked to create the brand and marketing to drum up attention for the buildings and get the attention of prospective tenants.

Taking our cues from the Art Deco style of the building we constructed a brand that took typography from this era and shaped it into a unique identity, paying homage to the old printing-press. The ‘O’ subtly nodded towards the papers being fed through the old roller printers.

From there we created marketing material including motion-posters and downloadable brochures detailing all the information on the building including connectivity, floor plans and CGI images of the building post-completion.

To top the campaign off we created a teaser video launching the building and announcing the renovation.